2018 Chinese Movies » Chasing Love Time Machine 追爱时光机

Chasing Love Time Machine (2018)


Chasing Love Time Machine Movie Poster, 追爱时光机 2018 Chinese film
Chasing Love Time Machine Movie Poster

Director: Qu Qiong


Zhang Yan has been secretly in love with the class teacher Mai Lingchen for many years. When he confessed to Mai Lingchen, he found out that she was going to get married with her boyfriend. A strange old man gave him a pocket watch on the beach. This pocket watch let Zhang Yan returns to the past. He tried many times to change the past. Will he succeed?

Also Known As:
Zhui Ai Shi Guang Ji

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 4 April 2018
Film Runtime: 62 minutes

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Sub-genre: Time Travel, Romantic Comedies

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Chasing Love Time Machine Movie Poster 2

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