Actors » Amy Yip 葉子楣

Amy Yip 葉子楣

Amy Yip
Full Name Amy Yip
Date of Birth 10 June, 1965 (Age )
Place of Birth Hong Kong
Origin Hong Kong
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Height 5' 4" (162 cm)
Occupation Actress
Other Names Ye Zimei, Ye Zi-Mei, Yip Chi-Mei, Amy Ye

Filmography as actress:

TV Series:
  • Beautiful Women (1991)
  • Hong Kong Love (1987)
  • 4 Strange Cases (1987)
  • Red Dust (1987)
  • Ji Gong (1986)
  • Crimson Tears (1986)
  • September Hawk (1986)
  • The Bride with White Hair (1986)
  • Three People (1985)
  • The Magic Blade (1985)
  • Wang Zhaojun (1985)

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