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Henry Thia

Full Name Henry Thia
Date of Birth 25 February, 1952
Place of Birth Singapore
Origin Singapore
Occupation Actor, Comedian
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Other Names Cheng Xuhui, Cheng Xu-Hui

Filmography as actor:


Henry Thia Photos:

Henry Thia in Judgment Day (2013) - Movie

Judgment Day Movie Poster, 2013

Henry Thia in Greedy Ghost (2012) - Movie

Greedy Ghost Movie Poster, 2012, Henry Thia Greedy Ghost Movie Poster, 2012

Henry Thia in The Ghosts Must Be Crazy (2011) - Movie

The Ghosts Must Be Crazy Movie Poster, 2011

Henry Thia in Old Cow vs Tender Grass (2010) - Movie

Henry Thia

Henry Thia in Where Got Ghost? (2009) - Movie

Henry Thia

Henry Thia in Love Matters (2009) - Movie

Love Matters Movie Poster, 2009, Henry Thia,  Yeo Yann Yann, Mark Lee

Henry Thia in Money Not Enough 2 (2008) - Movie

Money Not Enough 2, Henry Thia Money Not Enough 2

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