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Izz Xu

Izz Xu Izz Xu
Full Name Izz Xu
Date of Birth 5 May, 1985
Place of Birth Shanghai, China
Origin China
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Height 6' 0" (184 cm)
Occupation Actor, Model
Other Names Xu Zhengxi, Xu Zheng-Xi, Jeremy Tsui, Jeremy Jones, Xu Zheng,

Filmography as actor:

TV Series:

TV Shows:

Izz Xu Photos:

Izz Xu in Kung Fu Angels (2014) - Movie

Kung Fu Angels Movie Poster, 2014 Kung Fu Angels Movie Poster, 2014

Izz Xu in The Child's Eye (2010) - Movie

The Child's Eye Movie Poster, 2010

Izz Xu in Seven 2 One (2009) - Movie

Seven 2 One Movie Poster, 2009, Actress: Elanne Kwong Yeuk-Lam, Chrissie Chow, Hong Kong Film

Izz Xu in Angel's Happiness (2012) - TV Drama Series

Angel's Happiness Poster, 2012, Izz Xu

Izz Xu in Love Waking Up (2011) - TV Drama Series

Love Waking Up Poster, 2011, Izz Xu Love Waking Up Poster, 2011

Izz Xu in Love Is Really Good (2011) - TV Drama Series

Love Is Really Good Poster, 2011, Izz Xu

Film and TV Awards:

2012 Hua Ding Asian Star List
Winner - Best Image Star - Izz Xu - #36

2011 TV Drama Awards
Nominee - Best New Actor - Izz Xu - Xia Family Three Daughters

2011 Sohu Internet TV Festival - Autumn
Nominee - Best Screen Couple - Izz Xu, Stephy Qi

2011 Sohu Internet TV Festival - Spring
Nominee - Best New Actor - Izz Xu

Bounty Hunters Movie Poster, 2016 Chinese movie
Bounty Hunters (2016)
China, Hong Kong

Lee Min-Ho
Wallace Chung
Tiffany Tang
Karena Ng
Izz Xu

Movie Genre: Action, Comedy
Box Office: 212 million yuan


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