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Janel Tsai

 Janel Tsai Janel Tsai
Full Name Janel Tsai
Date of Birth 14 March, 1975 (Age )
Place of Birth Taichung, Taiwan
Origin Taiwan
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Height 5' 9" (174 cm)
Occupation Actress, Model
Other Names Cai Shuzhen, Cai Shu-Zhen, Tsai Shu-Zhen, Janel Cai, Janel Tsai Shu-Zhen, Janel Tsai Shuzhen
Alma Mater Yu Da High School of Commerce and Home Economics

Filmography as actress:

TV Series:

Janel Tsai Photos:

Janel Tsai in Mysterious Island (2011) - Movie

Mysterious Island Movie Poster, 2011, Janel Tsai

Janel Tsai in Snowfall in Taipei (2009) - Movie

Snowfall in Taipei

Janel Tsai in Step by Step (2009) - Movie

Janel Tsai Janel Tsai

Janel Tsai in CSIC (2015) - TV Drama Series

CSIC Poster, 2015 Chinese TV drama series

Janel Tsai in The Queen (2013) - TV Drama Series

The Queen! Poster, 2013

Janel Tsai in Lady Maid Maid (2012) - TV Drama Series

Lady Maid Maid Poster, 2012

Janel Tsai in In Between (2012)  - TV Drama Series

In Between Poster, 2012

Janel Tsai in Office Girls (2011)  - TV Drama Series

Office Girls Poster, 2011

Film and TV Awards:

50th Golden Bell Awards (2015)
Nominee - Best Actress - Janel Tsai - CSIC

46th Golden Bell Awards (2011)

Nominee - Best Supporting Actress - Janel Tsai - The Fierce Wife

Mysterious Island Movie Poster, 2011 Chinese Horror Movie
Mysterious Island (2011) 

Jordan Chan
Yang Mi
Janel Tsai
Wong You-Nam
Maggie Lee

Movie Genre: Horror, Thriller
Box Office: 89 million yuan

The Fierce Wife Movie Poster, 2012
The Fierce Wife (2012)

Sonia Sui
James Wen
Chris Wang
Patrick Li
Amanda Zhu
Janel Tsai

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance

The Soul of Bread Movie Poster, 2012 Taiwan Movie
The Soul of Bread (2012)

Michelle Chen
Chen Handian
Anthony Neely
Lia Lee
Phil Yan
Janel Tsai

Movie Genre: Comedy, Romance

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