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Ken Chu

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Other Names:
15 January, 1979
Actor, Singer
Zhu Xiaotian, Zhu Xiao-Tian, Chu Hsiao-Tien, Ken Zhu,
Ken Chu Hsiao-Tien

Filmography as actor:

TV Series:


Solo Albums:
  • Getting Real (2009)
  • On Ken's Time (2005)
F4 Albums:
  • Waiting for You (2007)
  • Fantasy 4ever (2002)
  • Meteor Rain (2001)

Ken Chu Photos:

Ken Chu in L-O-V-E (2009) - Movie


Ken Chu in The Tokyo Trial (2006) - Movie

The Tokyo Trial

Ken Chu in Sky of Love (2003) - Movie

Ken Chu

Ken Chu in Hero (2012) - TV Drama Series

Hero Poster, 2012

Ken Chu in Remember, About Us (2011) - TV Drama Series

Remember, About Us Poster, 2011

Ken Chu in Momo Love (2009) - TV Drama Series

Momo love Poster, 2009

Ken Chu in Wish to See You Again (2008) - TV Drama Series

Ken Chu

Ken Chu in The Legend of Chu Liuxiang (2007) - TV Drama Series

The Legend of Chu Liuxiang

Ken Chu in City of Sky (2004) - TV Drama Series

City of Sky Poster, 2004, , Actress: Li Bingbing, Chinese Drama Series

Ken Chu in Love Storm (2003) - TV Drama Series

Love Storm Poster, 2003

Ken Chu in Hi! Working Girl (2003) - TV Drama Series

Hi! Working Girl Poster, 2003

Ken Chu in Meteor Garden 2 (2002) - TV Drama Series

Meteor Garden 2 Poster, 2002, Actress: Barbie Hsu Hsi-Yuan, Taiwanese Drama Series

Ken Chu in Come to My Place (2002) - TV Drama Series

Come to My Place Poster, 2002, Actor: Vanness Wu Jian-Hao, Taiwanese Drama Series

Ken Chu in Meteor Garden (2001) - TV Drama Series

Meteor Garden Poster, 2001, Ken Chu

Ken Chu is a member of the boy band F4.
Ken Chu's ancestry is from Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.
Ken Chu graduated from Boon Lay Secondary School in Singapore.

Film and TV Awards:

2008 Hundred Flowers Awards
Candidate - Best Supporting Actor - Ken Chu - The Tokyo Trial

4th Sina TV Drama Rankings
Nominee - Best Actor - Ken Chu

Music Awards:

2004 HITO Radio Music Awards
Winner - Hit Fm Special Award - Ken Chu - Hand in Hand

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