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Kevin Yan

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Other Names:
24 January, 1979
Shanghai, China
Actor, Singer
Yan Kuan, Kevin Yan Kuan

Filmography as actor:

TV Series:

TV Shows:

Kevin Yan Photos:

Kevin Yan in Girl's Revolution (2007) - Movie

Girl's Revolution Movie Poster, 2007, Kevin Yan

Kevin Yan in Introduction of the Princess (2011) - TV Drama Series

Introduction of the Princess Poster, 2011, Kevin Yan

Kevin Yan in Water Margin (2011) - TV Drama Series

Water Margin Poster, 2011

Kevin Yan in Schemes of a Beauty (2010) - TV Drama Series

Schemes of a Beauty Poster, 2010, Actress: Yang Mi, Chinese Drama Series

Kevin Yan in Golden Time (2006) - TV Drama Series

Golden Time Poster, 2006

Kevin Yan in The Qin Emperor Li Shimin (2005) - TV Drama Series

The Qin Emperor Li Shimin Poster, 2005, Ady An, Peter Ho

Kevin Yan's ancestry is from Shanghai, China.
Kevin Yan studied at Shanghai Theatre Academy in China.

Film and TV Awards:

13th Hua Ding Awards (2014)
Nominee - Best TV Actor - Kevin Yan - Romance of Sui and Tang Dynasties

2013 TV Drama Awards
Winner - Sweet Screen Couple - Kevin Yan, Sunny Du - Girlfriend

2011 TV Drama Awards
Nominee - Best Supporting Actor - Kevin Yan - Water Margin
Winner - TV Drama Idol - Kevin Yan

2011 BQ Celebrity Score Awards
Nominee Favorite Actor - Kevin Yan

2008 BQ Celebrity Score Awards
Winner - Best Quality Idol - Kevin Yan

2007 BQ Celebrity Score Awards
Winner - Best Fit Artist - Kevin Yan

2008 Golden TVS Annual Awards
Winner - Favorite Actor - Kevin Yan

1st Sina TV Drama Rankings
Nominee - Best Actor - Kevin Yan

Top China Box Office - Highest Grossing Movies:

The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom Movie Poster, 2014
The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (2014)          
China, Hong Kong

Fan Bingbing
Huang Xiaoming
Vincent Zhao
Kevin Yan

Movie Genre: Action, Fantasy
Box Office: 386 million yuan

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