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Ming Dao

Ming Dao Ming Dao Ming Dao
Full Name Ming Dao
Date of Birth 26 February, 1980 (Age )
Place of Birth Taipei, Taiwan
Origin Taiwan
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Height 5' 11" (180 cm)
Occupation Actor, Singer, Model
Other Names Ming Dow, Matthew Lin, Matt Lin, Matt Lin Ming-Dao, Matt Lin Ming-Dow, Matthew Lin Ming-Dow
Alma Mater Chungyu University of Film and Arts

Filmography as actor:

TV Series:

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Ming Dao Photos:

Ming Dao in Close to You (2010) - Movie

Close to You Movie Poster, 2010, Taiwanese Film Close to You Movie Poster, 2010, Actor: Taiwanese Film

Ming Dao in Angel's Happiness (2012) - TV Drama Series

Angel's Happiness Poster, 2012 Angel's Happiness Poster, 2012

Ming Dao in Beauties of the Emperor (2012) - TV Drama Series

Beauties of the Emperor Poster, 2012 Beauties of the Emperor Poster, 2012

Ming Dao in Beauty World (2011) - TV Drama Series

Beauty World Poster, 2011

Ming Dao in Zhong Wu Yen (2010) - TV Drama Series

Zhong Wu Yen Poster, 2010, Actress: Cheryl Yang Chin-Hua, Taiwanese TV Series

Ming Dao studied at Tungnan University in Taiwan.
Ming Dao is a member of the boy band 183 Club.

Let's Get Married Movie Poster, 2015 chinese movie
Let's Get Married (2015)

Gao Yuanyuan
Jiang Wu
Haden Kuo
Ryan Zheng
Ming Dao

Movie Genre: Comedy, Romance
Box Office: 284 million yuan

Close to You Movie Poster, 2010
Close to You (2010) 

Ming Dao
Eddie Peng
Amber Kuo
Renee Yuan
Wong Hei
Yang Zishan

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance


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Ming Dao

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