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Monica Mu 穆婷婷

Monica Mu Monica Mu
Full Name Monica Mu
Date of Birth 23 December, 1984
Place of Birth Chongqing, China
Origin China
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Height 5' 5" (166 cm)
Occupation Actress, Singer
Other Names Mu Tingting, Mu Ting-Ting, Sister Ting, Xiao Mo
Alma Mater Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, China

Filmography as actress:


TV Series:

TV Shows:

Monica Mu Photos:

Monica Mu in Earth God and Earth Grandmother (2013) - TV Series

Earth God and Earth Grandmother Poster, 2013, Monica Mu

Monica Mu in Mystery in the Palace (2012) - TV Drama Series

Mystery in the Palace Poster, 2012, Cici Liu

Film and TV Awards:

2011 Youku Entertainment Awards
Winner - Best Screen Couple - Tommy Sik, Monica Mu

2014 Sohu Fashion Awards
Nominee - Best TV Star - Monica Mu

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