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Sun Xing 孙兴

Full Name Sun Xing
Date of Birth 16 October, 1963
Place of Birth Guangzhou, Guangdong‎, China
Origin Hong Kong
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Height 5' 10" (178 cm)
Occupation Actor, Singer
Debut Date 1987

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Sun Xing Photos:

Sun Xing in The Twins' Code (2013) - Movie

The Twins' Code Movie Poster, 2013 The Twins' Code Movie Poster, 2013

Sun Xing in The King of Comedy (2013) - Movie

The King of Comedy Movie Poster, 2013 The King of Comedy Movie Poster, 2013

Sun Xing in Truth or Dare (2012) - Movie

Truth or Dare Movie Poster, 2012

Sun Xing in Super Player (2010) - Movie

Super Player Movie Poster, 2010, Gillian Chung Yan-Tung, Chinese Film Super Player Movie Poster, 2010

Sun Xing in Forward Contracts (2011) - TV Drama Series

Forward Contracts Poster, 2011

Sun Xing in
Holy Pearl (2011) - TV Drama Series

Holy Pearl Poster, 2011 Holy Pearl Poster, 2011, Sun Xing

Sun Xing in The Diamond Family (2010) - TV Drama Series

The Diamond Family poster, 2010 The Diamond Family poster, 2010

Sun Xing 
in Entangling Love in Shanghai (2009) - TV Drama Series

Entangling Love in Shanghai Poster, 2009

Sun Xing
in The Last Princess (2008) - TV Drama Series

The Last Princess Poster, 2008, Huo Siyan

Sun Xing in Sound of Colors (2006)  - TV Drama Series

Sound of Colors Poster, 2006, Actress: Ruby Lin Xin-Ru, Chinese Drama Series

Sun Xing in Wind and Cloud 2 (2004) - TV Drama Series

Wind and Cloud 2 Poster, 2004, Actor: Vincent Zhao Wen-Zhuo, Chinese Drama Series

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