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  Actors Cecilia Yip

Cecilia Yip Photos

Cecilia Yip Photos:

Cecilia Yip in
Ticket (2008) - Movie

Cecilia Yip

Cecilia Yip in The Pretty Women (2008) - Movie

Cecilia Yip The Pretty Women, Cecilia Yip

Cecilia Yip in Love Among the Triad (1993) - Movie

Love Among the Triad Movie Poster, 1993, Cecilia Yip

Cecilia Yip in Amnesty Decree (1987) - Movie

Amnesty Decree Movie Poster, 1987

Cecilia Yip in Yellow Emperor's Sword (2012) - TV Drama Series

Yellow Emperor's Sword Poster, 2012, Cecilia Yip

Cecilia Yip in Growing Through Life (2010) - TV Drama Series

Growing Through Life Poster, 2010

Cecilia Yip in Men Don't Cry (2007) - TV Drama Series

Men Don't Cry Poster, 2007

Cecilia Yip in Turning Scheme (2007)  - TV Drama Series

Turning Scheme Poster, 2007, Actor: Alec Su You Peng, Chinese Drama Series

Cecilia Yip in Say Yes Enterprise (2004) - TV Drama Series

Say Yes Enterprise Poster, 2004, Actress: Barbie Hsu Hsi Yuan, Taiwanese Drama Series

Cecilia Yip in Beauty Girls (2004) - TV Drama Series

Beauty Girls Poster, 2004



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