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  Actors Zhang Jiayi

Zhang Jiayi Photos

Zhang Jiayi Photos:

Zhang Jiayi in The Golden Era (2014) - Movie

The Golden Era Movie Poster, 2014

Zhang Jiayi in Angry Kid (2013) - Movie

Angry Kid Movie Poster, 2013

Zhang Jiayi in All for Love (2012) - Movie

All for Love Movie Poster, 2012, Zhang Jiayi

Zhang Jiayi in One Night in Supermarket (2009) - Movie

One Night in Supermarket

Zhang Jiayi in Heart and Skill (2012) - TV Drama Series

Heart and Skill Poster, 2012, Zhang Jiayi

Zhang Jiayi in The Brink (2012) - TV Drama Series

The Brink Poster, 2012 The Brink Poster, 2012

Zhang Jiayi in You Are My Brother (2011) - TV Drama Series

You Are My Brother Poster, 2011



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