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2011 China Image Film Festival

Organizing Committee Special Award
Beginning of the Great Revival
Best Film
After 80s
Best Director
Wang Quan'an - Apart Together
Best Screenplay
Wang Haiping - Be a Mother
Best Actor
Fan Wei - Tracks Kong Lingxue
Best Actress
Lisa Lu - Apart Together
Huang Yi - Sky Fighters
Best Supporting Actor
Chen Sicheng - The Man Behind the Courtyard House
Xia Dejun - Coming Back
Wen Zhang - The Law of Attraction
Best Supporting Actress
Yuan Ting - Love Song of Kangding
Ma Yili - Tracks Kong Lingxue
Most Potential Actress
Qin Lan - Be a Mother
Best Cinematography
Ao Zhijun - Be a Mother
Best Animated Film
Kuiba, Legend of a Rabbit
Best Film Producer
Xiao Wenge - Go Lala Go!
Hu Mengxi - Be a Mother
Best Theme Award
Bottom Line

2011 China Image Film Festival - Winners

Beginning of the Great Revival Movie Poster, 2011
Beginning of the Great Revival (2011)

Liu Ye
Chen Kun
Andy Lau
Chow Yun-Fat
Huang Jue

Movie Genre: Drama, History

Apart Together Movie Poster, 2010 China Movie
Apart Together (2010)

Lisa Lu
Ling Feng
Xu Caigen
Monica Mok
Bai Yang

Movie Genre: Drama 

Be a Mother Movie Poster, 2012 Chinese film
Be a Mother (2012)

Alex Fong Chung-Sun
Qin Lan
Wang Pei
Fang Zichun

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Tracks Kong Lingxue Movie Poster, 2011
Tracks Kong Lingxue (2011) 

Fan Wei
Ma Yili
Sun Ning
Zhi Yi
Bai Huizi

Movie Genre: Comedy, Mystery

Sky Fighters Movie Poster, 2011
Sky Fighters (2011)

Wang Ban
Li Guangjie
Huang Yi
Hu Ke
Terry Zhang

Movie Genre: Action, Drama

The Man Behind the Courtyard House Movie Poster, 2011
The Man Behind the Courtyard House (2011) 

Simon Yam
Zhang Jingchu
Huang Shengyi
Hao Lei
Sunny Du

Movie Genre: Drama, Horror

Coming Back Movie Poster, 2011, Chinese Movie
Coming Back (2011)

Simon Yam
Annie Yi
Cheng Pei-pei
Stephy Qi
Jerry Yuan

Movie Genre: Action, Thriller

The Law of Attraction Movie Poster, 2011
The Law of Attraction (2011)  

Karen Mok
Zhang Jingchu
Guo Tao
Bai Baihe
Wen Zhang

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance

Love Song of Kangding  Movie Poster, 2010 Chinese movie
Love Song of Kangding (2010)

Alec Su
Ju Wenpei
Purba Rgyal
AisinGioro Qixing
Wu Jun

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance

Go Lala Go! Movie Poster, 2010
Go Lala Go! (2010)  

Xu Jinglei
Stanley Huang
Karen Mok
Pace Wu
Kiton Jiang

Movie Genre: Comedy, Romance



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