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2014 China Image Film Festival

Best Film
Beijing Love Story
Best Director
Chen Sicheng - Beijing Love Story
Best Screenplay
Li Haihong - I Am Not Wang Mao
Best Actor
Bosco Wong - Golden Brother
Best Actress
Xu Fan - When a Peking Family Meets Aupair
Best Supporting Actor
Zhang Xiaojun - The Break-Up Season
Best Supporting Actress
Du Qinyi - Woman Nation
Best Children Film
Alive with Love
Best Children Film Director
Cui Daihong - Class Teacher
Best Youth Film
When a Peking Family Meets Aupair
Best Medium Budget Film
Golden Brother
Best Foreign Language Film
V tichu/ In Silence
Best Documentary Film
Thirty Two
Best Film Producer
Feng Kaishuai - Broadcasting Girl, Fall in Love, Allure Tears
Favorite Actor
Han Geng - Ex Files
Outstanding Chinese Actor
Diana Peng - On the Nan Ni Wan Frontier
Outstanding Original Story Film
Langmusi My Dream Land, Yellow River Aria, Crutch,
Singing from the Roof of the World, On the Nan Ni Wan Frontier
Outstanding Medium Budget Film
When a Peking Family Meets Aupair, Golden Brother,
My Grandmother Is an Angel
Outstanding Ethnic Film
Phoenix Valley, Never Look Back
Best Youth Film
Zhang Juncheng - Woman Nation, Target, Golden Brother
Best Young Film Producer
Wei Yi - The Break-Up Season
Best Young Director
Xing Xiao - Zero Point Five Love
Best Youth Film Screenplay
Li Hongtong - Phoenix Valley
Best Young Actor
William Chan - Golden Brother
Best Young Actress
Tong Liya - Beijing Love Story
Best Young Supporting Actor
Guo Jinjie - I Am Not Wang Mao
Best Young Supporting Actress
Chen Yinuo - When a Peking Family Meets Aupair
International Most Promising Actor
Aaron Ly
Outstanding Short Film
Transit Love, Love in Jiaochangwei, Grandfather's Harmonica
Outstanding Short Film Director
Luo Jinyao - Wake Up

2014 China Image Film Festival - Winners

Beijing Love Story Movie Poster, 2014, China Movie
Beijing Love Story (2014) 

Chen Sicheng
Tong Liya
Yu Nan
Wang Xuebing
Tony Leung Ka-Fai

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance

Golden Brother Movie Poster, 2014
Golden Brother (2014)
Hong Kong, China

Bosco Wong
William Chan
Michael Tse
Stephy Tang
Rose Chan

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance

When a Peking Family Meets Aupair Movie Poster, movies 2014
When a Peking Family Meets Aupair (2014)

Xu Fan
Chen Jianbin
Tong Liya
Fann Wong
Sun Honglei

Movie Genre: Drama, Comedy

Broadcasting Girl Movie Poster, 2014
Broadcasting Girl (2014)  

Jiro Wang
Stephy Qi
Angela Qiu
Zhong Kai
Jiang Xueming

Movie Genre: Comedy, Romance

Fall in Love Movie Poster, 2013, China Movie
Fall in Love (2013) 

Wallace Chung
Wang Ziwen
Ren Zhong
Zhang Li
Orfila Wu

Movie Genre: Comedy, Romance

Allure Tears Movie Poster, 2011 Chinese Film
Allure Tears (2011)

Aarif Lee
Zhou Dongyu
Richie Ren
Gigi Leung
Joe Chen

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance

Ex Files Movie Poster, 2014
Ex Files (2014)  

Han Geng
Yao Xingtong
Ryan Zheng
Wang Likun
Ada Liu

Movie Genre: Comedy, Romance

Crutch Movie Poster, 2013 Chinese film
Crutch (2013)  

Xian Ke
Liu Chuan
Zhu Mingyue
Huang Yihui

Movie Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Target Movie Poster, 2014 chinese movie
Target (2014)  

Song Yang
Kara Wong
Yang Juncheng
Maria Makarenko
Ma Qiang

Movie Genre: Action, Thriller

Zero Point Five Love Movie Poster, 2014 chinese film
Zero Point Five Love (2014) 

Purba Rgyal
Jessie Chiang
Li Yueming
Gong Jie

Movie Genre: Romance, Comedy



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