2019 Chinese TV Series » The Legend of Young Justice Bao 少年包拯

The Legend of Young Justice Bao (2019)


TV Series

The Legend of Young Justice Bao Poster, 少年包拯 2019 Chinese TV drama series
The Legend of Young Justice Bao Poster

Director: Xiao Yong


Xia Zhiyuan Justice Bao, Bao Zheng
Fu Ziming Gongsun Ce
Peng Yibo Zhan Zhao
Liu Xinqi Bai Ruanruan
Kingdom Yuen  

Also Known As:
Shao Nian Bao Zheng

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 2019
Runtime: 45 minutes per episode
Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure, Mystery, History

Sub-genre: Kung Fu

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