2022 Chinese TV Series » Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明

Till the End of the Moon (2022)


TV Series

Till the End of the Moon Poster, 长月烬明 2022 Chinese TV drama series
Till the End of the Moon Poster

Name Till the End of the Moon
Chinese Name 长月烬明
Pinyin Cháng Yuè Jìn Míng
Type TV Series
Subtype Web Series

Director: Kuk Kok-Leung


Also Known As:
Chang Yue Jin Ming

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date:
Filming Date: 2022
Runtime: 45 minutes per episode
Genre: Drama, Action, Fantasy, Romance
Sub-genre: Kung Fu, Costume Drama, Xianxia, Time Travel, Backward Time Travel

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