2023 Chinese TV Series » The Invisibles 隱形戰隊

The Invisibles (2023)


TV Series

The Invisibles Poster, 隱形戰隊 2023 Chinese TV drama series
The Invisibles Poster

Name The Invisibles
Chinese Name 隱形戰隊
Pinyin Yǐn Xíng Zhàn Duì
Type TV Series
Subtype TV Network Series

Main Cast:

Kenneth Ma Shawn
Natalie Tong Chan Yan-Bo
Joel Chan Koo Sir
Moon Lau Luk Yi-Fei
Tiffany Lau Ying Fung
Alex Lam Tsz-Sin Sun Sze-Lam
Elena Kong Madam Fong
Jimmy Au Wan Sir
Candice Chiu Queen
Carlo Ng Ying Sir

Other Cast:

Also Known As:
Yin Xing Zhan Dui
Phantom Operation and Tactic Team

Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Release Date: 6 March 2023
Runtime: 45 minutes per episode
Genre: Drama, Action, Mystery

Sub-genre: Police, Detective
TV Network: TVB

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