2018 Chinese Movies » The Creation of Immortals 1 封仙册之铁扇罗刹

The Creation of Immortals 1 (2018)


The Creation of Immortals 1 Movie Poster, 封仙册之铁扇罗刹 2018 Chinese film
The Creation of Immortals 1 Movie Poster 

Director: Liu Baoxian


Sissy Lin Princess Iron Fan
Wen Xiang Grand Pure One
Liu Sheng Dragon King of the East Sea
Feng Yuxi Prince

Also Known As:
Feng Xian Ce Zhi Tie Shan Luo Sha
Heroes and Immortals

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 2018
Runtime: 90 minutes

Genre: Action, Fantasy
Sub-genre: Martial Arts, Mythology

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