2019 Chinese Movies » False Journey to the West 西謊遊記之唐僧踩錯界

False Journey to the West (2019)


False Journey to the West Movie Poster, 西謊遊記之唐僧踩錯界 2019 Chinese film
False Journey to the West Movie Poster

Director: Haung Yingshan


Law Kar-Ying Tang Seng, Tripitaka Monk
Evergreen Mak Sha Wujing, Sandy
Angie Shum Mistress
Michelle Wai Black Spider Demon
Margiela Kwok White Spider Demon
Sing Lam  
Kenny Wong  
Wilson Chin  
Deno Cheung  
Sam Chan  
Harriet Yeung  
Kaki Sham  

Also Known As:
Xi Huang You Ji Zhi Tang Seng Cai Cuo Jie

Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Release Date: 2019
Film Runtime: 90 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Sub-genre: Mythology

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