Actors » Felicity Huang 黃子悅

Felicity Huang 黃子悅

Full Name Felicity Huang
Date of Birth 11 September, 1984
Place of Birth Taipei, Taiwan
Origin Taiwan
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Occupation Actress
Other Names Huang Ziyue, Huang Zi-Yue, Huang Peici, Huang Pei-Ci
Alma Mater University of Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

Filmography as actress:

  • The Crazy Spy (2019)
  • Lost Love Investigation Division (2018)
  • The Visit (2018)
  • Best Ex (2018)
  • Ping Pong (2017)
  • Magical Detective (2017)
  • Money Plz Love Me (2016)
  • She Stares at the Ceiling (2014)
  • Want to Go Nowhere (2014)
  • A Time in Quchi (2013)
  • One of the Most Moving Thing (2013)
  • Have You, Have a Home (2013)
  • Eleven O'Clock Secret (2013)
  • Ripples of Desire (2012)
  • Ranger (2011)

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