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2010 Golden Bell Awards

Best TV Series

Love Moonlight (Winner)
Year of the Rain
Hi My Sweetheart
Rock Baby
The Kite Soaring

Best Actor - TV Series

Wu Cheng-Di - Love Moonlight (Winner)
Matt Wu - The Kite Soaring
Morni Chang - Night Market Life
James Wen - The Happy Times of That Year
Show Lo - Hi My Sweetheart

Best Actress - TV Series

Best Supporting Actor - TV Series

Wu Jianhe - The Kite Soaring (Winner)
Jack Li - Happy Together
Wu Lingshan - Grass Blue Sky
Morni Chang - Letter 1949
Zhang Yonghua - Love Exercise

Best Supporting Actress - TV Series

Francesca Gao - Grass Blue Sky (Winner)
Fang Fang - Hi My Sweetheart
Lin Mei-Hsiu - Happy Together
Ke Shuqin - Year of the Rain

2010 Golden Bell Awards - Winners and Nominees

Year of the Rain Poster, 2010
Year of the Rain (2010)   

Bryan Chang
Jian Manshu
Zhang Jie
Sharon Kao
Vanness Wu

TV Genre: Drama

Hi My Sweetheart Poster, 2009
Hi My Sweetheart (2009) 

Show Lo
Rainie Yang
Lee Wei
Nikki Deng
Teresa Daley

TV Genre: Drama, Romance

The Happy Times of That Year Poster, 2009
The Happy Times of That Year (2009)

Amber Kuo
James Wen
Leroy Young
Sonia Sui
Ivy Fan

TV Genre: Drama

Bling Days Poster, 2009
Bling Days (2009)

Bianca Bai
Queenie Tai
Linda Liao
Jack Li
Crystal Lin

TV Genre: Drama

Happy Together Poster, 2009
Happy Together (2009)

Leroy Young
Meggie Yu
Jennifer Hong
Penny Lin
Jack Li

TV Genre: Drama

Letter 1949  Poster, 2009
Letter 1949 (2009) 

Queenie Tai
Lin Yowei
Alien Huang
Hawick Lau
Maggie Wu

TV Genre: Drama



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