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2023 Chinese Idol Dramas
Love Heals / Have a Crush on You Poster, 听说你喜欢我 2023 Chinese Idol Drama My Eternal Star Poster, 你是我的永恒星辰 2023 Chinese Idol Drama

2022 Chinese Idol Dramas
Almost Lover Poster, 谁都知道我爱你 2022 Chinese Idol Drama Be My Princess Poster, 影帝的公主 2022 Chinese Idol Drama

2021 Chinese Idol Dramas
Always Have, Always Will Poster, 原来时光都记得 2021 Chinese Idol Drama Cute Programmer Poster, 程序员那么可爱 2021 Chinese Idol Drama

2020 Chinese Idol Dramas
Be with You Poster, 好想和你在一起 2020 Chinese Romance Drama Consummation Poster, 拾光的秘密 2020 Chinese Romance Drama

2019 Chinese Idol Dramas
All I Want for Love Is You Poster, 满满喜欢你 2019 Chinese Romance Drama Go Go Squid! Poster, 亲爱的,热爱的 2019 Chinese Romance Drama

2018 Chinese Idol Dramas
About Is Love Poster, 大约是爱 2018 Chinese Romance Drama The Evolution of Our Love Poster, 爱情进化论 2018 Chinese Romance Drama

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