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Jiao Junyan 焦俊艳

Jiao Junyan Jiao Junyan
Full Name Jiao Junyan
Date of Birth 6 May, 1987 (Age )
Place of Birth Ma'anshan, Anhui, China
Origin China
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Height 5' 4" (163 cm)
Occupation Actress
Other Names Jiao Jun-Yan, Xiao Jiao, Mai Jiao, Jiao Jiao
Alma Mater Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, China

Filmography as actress:


TV Series:

TV Shows:

Film and TV Awards:

2017 Golden Rooster Awards
Nominee - Best Supporting Actress - Jiao Junyan - When Larry Met Mary

2016 Chinese TV Good Actor Selection
Nominee - Best Actress: Green - Jiao Junyan

2015 TV Star Power List
Winner - Best TV Star - Jiao Junyan - #66

Most Popular Drama List:

Caught in the Heartbeat Poster, 超感 2018 Chinese TV drama series

Caught in the Heartbeat (2018)

Wei Daxun
Jiao Junyan
Wang Zixuan
Vincent Wei
Shawn Wei

TV Genre: Mystery, Romance
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Solaso Bistro Poster, 问题餐厅 2017 Chinese TV drama series

Solaso Bistro (2017)

Jiao Junyan
Eleanor Lee
Lisa Liu
Cherry Li
Wasir Chou

TV Genre: Drama, Romance
Language: Mandarin Chinese

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