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Beyond the Sin Movie Poster, 惡行之外 2022 Hong Kong movie

Beyond the Sin (2022)
Hong Kong

Louis Koo
Gordon Lam
Karena Lam
Louis Cheung
Venus Wong

Movie Genre: Drama, Mystery
Language: Cantonese

Lonely Eighteen Movie Poster, 我們的十八歲 2022 Hong Kong movie

Lonely Eighteen (2022)
Hong Kong

Irene Wan
Angel Lam
Renci Yeung
Ti Lung
Fish Liew

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance
Language: Cantonese

​The Monkey King 5 Movie Poster, 2022 西游记之真假美猴王 Chinese film

The Monkey King 5 (2022)
China, Hong Kong

Aaron Kwok
William Feng
Xiao Shenyang
Him Law

Movie Genre: Action, Fantasy
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong Movie Poster, 金手指 2022 Hong Kong film

Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong (2022)
Hong Kong

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
Andy Lau
Charlene Choi
Simon Yam
Alex Fong Chung-Sun

Movie Genre: Drama, Action, Thriller
Language: Cantonese

Table for Six Movie Poster, 飯戲攻心 2022 Hong Kong movie

Table for Six (2022)
Hong Kong

Dayo Wong
Stephy Tang
Louis Cheung
Ivana Wong
Minchen Lin

Movie Genre: Drama, Comedy
Language: Cantonese

Tales from the Occult Movie Poster, 失衡人間 2022 Hong Kong movie

Tales from the Occult (2022)
Hong Kong

Richie Ren
Jerry Lamb
Cherry Ngan
Sofiee Ng
Cecilia So

Movie Genre: Drama, Mystery
Language: Cantonese

Temporary Robbery Movie Poster, 临时械劫 2022 Chinese film

Temporary Robbery (2022)
China, Hong Kong

Richie Ren
Gordon Lam
Jordan Chan
Andy On
Stephy Tang

Movie Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: Mandarin Chinese

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