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Seven Spiders (Character)

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Red Spider Demon Yao Jia
Blue Spider Demon Liu Qian
Purple Spider Demon Du Xianghui
Green Spider Demon Azhi Shima
Pink Spider Demon Yang Su
Orange Spider Demon Du Xianghui
Yellow Spider Demon Liu Lin

Golden Spider Demon Liu Lianghua
Silver Spider Demon Tin Mung
Red Spider Demon Angela Yu
Purple Spider Demon Helen Ma
Blue Spider Demon Yau Ching
Black Spider Demon Shirley Wong
Green Spider Demon Shen Yi

Name Spider Demons
Species Spider
Original Shape Giant Spiders
Alter Ego Beautiful Girls
Gender Female
Home Silk Ridge, Silk Cave
Fellow Apprentices Hundred Eyed Demon Lord
Godsons Bee Demon
Ant Demon
Lufeng Demon
Banmao Demon
Grasshopper Demon
Waxworm Demon
Dragonfly Demon
Weapons Spider Web
Double-edged Swords
Powers Shapeshifting
Achievement Capturing Tang Seng
Appearance Journey to the West

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