Zhu Bajie (Character) 豬八戒

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Zhu Bajie, Pigsy
Name Zhu Bajie
Other Names Pigsy, Zhu Wuneng, Second Brother
Titles Cleanser of the Altars
Species Pig
Gender Male
Home Cloud Shed Cave
Masters Tang Seng
Fellow Apprentices Sun Wukong, Sha Wujing, White Dragon Horse
Apprentices Second Prince of Yuhua Kingdom
Spouse Gao Cuilan, Luan Erjie
Father-in-law Gao Taigong
Mother-in-law Lady Gao
Former Name Marshal Canopy
Former Position Heaven Marshal (Marshal of the North Pole)
Affiliations Heaven Navy
Weapons Nine-toothed Rake
Powers Shapeshifting
Appearance Journey to the West
Lotus Lantern

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Cao Chengyan as Zhu Bajie in A Chinese Odyssey Part Three (2016)

A Chinese Odyssey Part Three Movie Poster, 2016 Chinese film

Xiao Shenyang as Zhu Bajie in The Monkey King 2 (2016)

The Monkey King 2 Movie Poster, 2016, Chinese Film 

Zang Jinsheng as Zhu Bajie in Journey to the West (2011)

Wu Yue

Eric Kot as Zhu Bajie in The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra (2002)

The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra Poster, 2002, Actor: Dicky Cheung Wai-Kin, Hong Kong Drama Series

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